Fun Time Gang

K x KRH (Hard Copy)

YOU ASKED! AND WE SURE AS FUCK DIDN'T LISTEN!! This version is forever! Wanted the K and Kurt Russell's Hangover solo albums restocked? Too bad!
Those are gone, will never return, and hopefully have been recycled into places to snort coke, you lumpy bitch, enjoy your out of print collectible trash!
No worries though, here's both pieces of shit crammed into one that doesn't advertise a bunch of projects that are no longer happening.
K x KRH features:
- All brand new artwork (click other pic to see outer side)
- 3 new bonus tracks (Tracks 9, 18, and 19)

1. Release It
2. Eyelids
3. Y U Upset? ft. Madd Maxxx
4. S.F.B.F.F.S. ft. Dubbs
5. Pest in Riss ft. Whipstick & Dubbs
6. D.M.
7. K
8. Better than You
9. Intergalactic Coalition of Mom Haters*
10. Fuck an Intro
11. Release This ft. Keeper
12. Kurt Russell's Hangover ft. 8 legz, FamZ, & Floral Bugs
13. Seizure Slide ft. Drew West & Tito The Dutch Masterson
14. I.G.I.F.Y.G.
15. Jump ft. 8 Legz
16. Shits & Giggles ft. Dubbs & J Reno
17. My Best Friend
18. Bumps*
19. Munster Mash* ft. Donnie Menace & Bukshot