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The debut piece of ADHD riddled argumentative shit album from Super Famous Fun Time Guys.
13 Tracks of "why in the fuck are they friends?"
With features by Douuble You, Menacide, Saint Sinna, Bill Now the Science Cow, and the better part of SFFTG: McNastee, Shakelous, and Dubbs.

1. Management Consultation (intro)
2. B.F.F.
3. Birthday ft. Bill Now the Science Cow
4. Hope
5. Building Blocks of Friendship (skit)
6. Breakfast Gang ft Douuble You
7. F.P.S.
8. Dinner Date
9. Feel Good ft. Menacide and Saint Sinna
10. Scary As Us
11. Anti - Cupid
12. Bobbleheads
13. L.I.F.E.

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