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Fun Time Face Hugger

Fun Time Face Hugger
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Have you or a loved one ever wanted to have sex with a luchador, but didn't want to get cheated on? Wellp, now's your chance to finally cosplay that fetish, respectfully! Straight from Tijuana, MX they're hand-crafted with the finest regret soaked linens. Fun Time Face Huggers are excellent for any occasion, and will be the talk of any event, in any season.

Gotta go to the store?
-Don't forget your Face Hugger!

Want to beat up the elderly, in your local bowling alley?
-Your face better be hugged the whole time, champ!

Trying to score some candy by lying to kids on Halloween?
-That Luchafloridian expression will be the core memory which shapes them for years to come!

Fun Time Face Huggers are the perfect gift for the entire family, because nothing says family like degenerative friendship regressing into shared depression. If you miss your chance now, don't fret friend; more are on the way. <3