• Image of Fade (Hard Copy)

The 3rd, and final, installment in the saga of succulent singles released in 2020.
Fade is... different... as well as the second to last song off of the since deconstructed "White Background, Terrible Music" album that will no longer happen.

Each physical copy comes with:
- Exclusive to Fade artwork on the back of the physical.
- Each copy is signed by 8 Legz & Whipstick
- A very vague hint at what the next full length album is called.
- both tracks feature the return of the Blue One, aka Dubbs.
- and the final song off of the cancelled WBTM entitled 'A.L.L."

11 random orders will also receive a one of a kind, hand painted mini canvas painted by Mr. 8 Legz! (One painted by Mrs. 8 Legz) Two 3x3, seven 4x4, and two 8x10 (Note: if you won one from Novus, or Purge Party, you won't be able to win a new one. Share. You greedy fuck. Especially you Jack Lope)

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