• Image of Purge Party (Hard Copy)

The 2nd installment in the saga of super singles coming through out 2020.
Purge Party features the fucking legend himself Q Strange,
and is taken from the since deconstructed "White Background, Terrible Music" album that will no longer happen.
Each physical copy comes with:
- 1 2.25" inch Party button, and 1 random 1.25" inch button.
- Exclusive to Purge Party artwork on the back of the physical.
- The name and date of the final 2020 single
- and a bonus track from WBTM

10 random orders will also receive a one of a kind, hand painted 3x3 in mini canvas, painted by Mr. 8 Legz (Note: if you won one from Novus, you won't be able to win a new one. Share. You greedy fuck)

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